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Something Misty - Coral Records

Something Misty

1970 Coral Records CRL 757516 Stereo / CRL 57516 Mono

Side One
1. We've Only Just Begun
2. Sunny
3. Something
4. (They Long To Be) Close To You
5. Selections From "Jesus Christ-Superstar" A) I Don't Know How To Love Him B) Everything's Alright C) Superstar

Side Two
1. Misty
2. What Have They Done To My Song Ma
3. The Impossible Dream (From The Musical Play "Man Of La Mancha")
4. Here, There And Everywhere
5. Green, Green Grass Of Home
6. Blues In A Mist

Liner Notes:

Arranged and Produced by Charles Bud Dant
Engineers: Jim Williamson
Bradley's Barn Nashville, Tennessee

Terry Brown and Brian Ingoldsby
MCA Universal City, Hollywood

Play something misty for me, Pete...

Make it soft and dark and romantic as only you can. So that the song seems alive, and bright and new.

Like "Misty," Pete. That one's been played by every-body every way except, possibly, as a march. Play "Misty" for me, Pete, and do your thing to it so that even Erroll Garner, who wrote it and who plays it every day of his life, will chortle with delight at what you've found in it that no one else has discovered yet.

Or play "Something," which the Beatles gave us, and speak to the young as well as you speak to your fans who first knew you as a Dixieland clarinetist with the Junior Dixieland Jazz Band in 1948. You've come a long rich musical way since then, and you've brought us along with you.

Play "I Don't Know How To Love Him," and make it every bit an experience as the long work from which it comes - "Jesus Christ, Superstar."

Play "What Have They Done To My Song Ma," and communicate beyond the gap that separates the generations.

Or play "Green, Green Grass Of Home," and we'll all walk along with you.

Play it all, Pete, and let it all happen. Rarely has the clarinet captured the wide range of beauty in the ballad as yours has. And every time, Pete. You do it every time.

Play something misty over the veil of strings and voices and we'll all have a taste of beauty.

Play for your listeners all over the world. Even in the White House, U.S.A. You have one fan there who wrote recently, "I was delighted to see you, and as I mentioned, we will have to talk you into coming to the White House at some time in the near future. There is more than one Pete Fountain fan in the Nixon family, and the records you so thoughtfully brought for me will be not only mementos of a wonderful welcome but also, I hope, tokens of another opportunity to enjoy your company and your music."

Play it for him, Pete, and for the rest of your fans, too. Play something misty...

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