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Pete Fountain's Crescent City - MCA Records

Pete Fountain's Crescent City

1973 MCA Records MCA-336 Stereo

Side One
1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree
2. Am I Blue
3. All By Myself
4. Muskrat Ramble
5. Nobody's Sweetheart
6. High Society

Side Two
1. Basin Street Blues
2. Oh Babe, What Would You Say?
3. Funky Beat
4. Spain
5. Dream
6. At The Jazz Band Ball

Liner Notes:

Pete Fountain's Crescent City

Jack Delaney - Trombone
Jim Duggan - Trombone & Tuba
Connie Jones - Trumpet
Mike Serpas - Trumpet
Ed Miller - Tenor Saxaphone
Earl Vuiovich - Piano
Charlie Lodice - Drums
Jack Sperling - Drums
Oliver "Stick" Felix - String Bass

Engineering: Steven Hodge & Bill Evans
Re-mix Engineer: Bill Evans
Recordist: Lee Peterzell
Recorded at "Studio in the Country," Bogalusa, Louisiana
Photos: Sonny Randon

New Orleans has a style that's all her own, romantic and frivolous and nostalgic, proud and progressive, a city that captures the brilliance of carnival and still preserves the subtle shades of the past, a city that's easy and alive. And New Orleans has a sound that's all her own, too a sound she gave birth to, a music that's purely and precisely American, conceived in a city that's still half French. And the best place to hear that music, played as and where it should be, is Bourbon Street - that is, after all, pretty much where it all started.

Pete Fountain has a style all his own, too - casual and easy-going; so casual, in fact, that he's changed his hairstyle to reflect his mood - these days, Pete is favoring the natural look ("like Telly Savalas with a beard!"). And Pete Fountain is as much a part of New Orleans as jambalaya and Mardi Gras; New Orleans is in Pete's blood. The man and the city have tried a separation - for a while, in Los Angeles, Pete even tried leaving jazz - but Pete and New Orleans and jazz all belong together, and they all come together at Pete Fountain's French Quarter Inn, 231 Bourbon Street.

Like Pete, the club is loose and easy. Five nights a week, two sets a night, Pete and his band make music; they start slow, they end fast; they play some Dixieland and some pop tunes with a jazz beat and sometimes even a country hit like "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree" done a la Pete's kind of Nashville. So take a trip to the French Quarter - it's all here on "Pete Fountain's Crescent City," everything but the drinks and the applause and the Oysters Rockefeller.

- Karen Shearer

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mbf27 said...

Hi! My dad and I are huge fans of Pete Fountain. My dad grew up listening to him so did I! I love your blog - best place to find anything about Pete Fountain!

We are wondering, is that Pete singing on What Would You Say? My dad is convinced that it is, but I'm not sure :)

Mary Beth