Tuesday, November 6, 2007

News for October 2007


Oct. 10 2007 - Pete Fountain Back on His Feet

METAIRIE - Famed New Orleans Pete Fountain musician was back at home this weekend after spending seven days in East Jefferson General Hospital due to a mild stroke. Pete says he's feeling fine after suffering what's called a pin stroke. "I'm all back...all together...both legs, both arms. Now the brain will never be the same...'cause it was never the same before," jokes Fountain.

But like before, the 77-year-old Fountain will be back performing in Bay St. Louis soon. "Oh yeah, not this Tuesday, but the following Tuesday...Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be at the Hollywood Casino. You know, my talking is good...everything is fine, really."

The famed jazz clarinetist was upset that he couldn't attend and perform at the funeral for Sheriff Harry Lee, but had to be taken to the hospital. "I went to sit in my chair and then all of a sudden I couldn't talk," says Fountain.

But now, he's looking forward to performing again and looking forward to next year's Mardi Gras with his Half-Fast Walking Club. "I'll be there, that's for sure," says Pete. "I'll be on my wagon."
Oct. 6 2007 - Pete Fountain Hospitalized

METAIRIE - Jazz Clarinetist Pete Fountain Has Been Admitted to a Suburban New Orleans Hospital for Tests.

Jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain has been admitted to a suburban New Orleans hospital for tests. His son-in-law, Benny Harrell, says Fountain was feeling ill Thursday and that Fountain's doctor admitted him to East Jefferson General Hospital for tests. Harrell declined to describe the nature of Fountain's illness but says he doesn't expect Fountain to be hospitalized long.

Fountain was who was scheduled to perform "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" at the funeral for Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee Friday. Harrell says the 77-year-old Fountain was upset he had to miss Lee's memorial. The two had been friends for decades.

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Click here to check out my visit to the Hollywood Casino on Oct 2, 2007 to see Pete perform. It was a really enjoyable show, got to met Pete, chat with him. He played very well, good to see him still "tootin".
Getting near the end of my collection to post. The next batch will be my 10" 33 1/3 collection. I have the original Basin Street Six collections on Mercury, and a couple of Phil Zito's Dixieland Express 10" records on Columbia with Pete on them. I already posted the Tony Almerico 10" and 12" records I have, I have one more 10" to go. They have Pete playing with Tony Almerico and his Dixieland Jamboree All Stars at on Royal Street at the New Orleans' Parisian Room. All vintage early Pete.

I will also be posting some CDs/LPs that Pete appeared on, such as Christmas collections, Jazz LPs, etc.

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