Friday, November 2, 2007

Santo Pecora And His Dixie Land Jazz Band - Clef Records

Santo Pecora And His Dixie Land Jazz Band
featuring Pete Fountain

1950 Clef Records EP-117 Monoual

Side A
1. Canal Street Romp
2. Rose Of The Rio Grande

Side B
1. Twelfth Street Rag
2. Basin Street Blues

Liner Notes:

Santo Pecora And His Dixie Land Jazz Band

45 Rpm Extended Play
Supervised By Norman Granz

George Girard, trumpet
Santo Pecora, trombone
Pete Fountain, clarinet
Fred Laudeman, piano
Lou Massenter, bass
Eddie Grady, drums
Recorded in New Orleans, LA, 1950

Though Dixieland music is not quite my dish of tea, I admit that I went with the mass a few years back when Dixieland enjoyed quite a revival. However, I did resist, I hope, at least, the substitutes, the comedians, the imitators and the fakers of the real product. I went down to New Orleans, and there the man that impressed me the most of the later day Dixieland musicians (for this you might substitute New Orleans) was Santo Pecora, who was playing trombone with Sharkey Bonano's band on Bourbon Street. I made and released several sides with Santo Pecora, all of them featuring his tremendous, driving trombone.

This album is a collation of previously released single sides by Santo Pecora.

- Norman Granz

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