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A Lawrence Welk Showcase - Coral Records

A Lawrence Welk Showcase
featuring Pete Fountain

1962 Coral Records CRL 757383 Stereo / CRL 57383 Mono

Side One:
1. Whispering - Lawrence Welk
2. When My Baby Smiles At Me - Pete Fountain
3. Londonderry Air - Dick Kesner
4. Yes Sir, That's My Baby - "Big" Tiny Little
5. Over The Waves Waltz - Myron Floren
6. You Always Hurt The One You Love - The Lennon Sisters

Side Two
1. Alexander's Ragtime Band - Lawrence Welk
2. Summertime - Pete Fountain
3. Schubert's Serenade - Dick Kesner
4. What Is This Thing Called Love - Alice Lon
5. Kiss Me Again - Jerry Burke
6. Peg 0' My Heart - "Big" Tiny Little

Liner Notes:

A Lawrence Welk Showcase

Many of today's most outstanding musical talents are members or alumni of the famous Lawrence Welk organization. Through the medium of Welk's popular television shows the American viewing and listening public discovered the artistry of Pete Fountain, today the celebrated "Mr. New Orleans Jazz"; the violin virtuosity of Dick Kesner; the captivating keyboard styling of "Big" Tiny Little.

Here is a glistening showcase of Welk-launched talent, some still part of his organization, others having moved on to unprecedented success and popularity on their own.

In A Lawrence Welk Showcase, we hear Pete Fountain's fabulous clarinet interpretations of When My Baby Smiles At Me and the Gershwin classic Summertime; Dick Kesner and his magic Stradivarius in exciting arrangements of Schubert's Serenade and Londonderry Air ("Danny Boy"); "Big" Tiny Little, master of the honky tonk piano, playing a rousing version of Yes Sir, That's My Baby and Peg 0' My Heart. We hear a lilting rendition of What Is This Thing Called Love, sung by former champagne lady Alice Lon; the lovely Lennon sisters singing You Always Hurt The One You Love; Myron Floren's wonderful accordion interpretation of Over The Waves Waltz; Jerry Burke's organ styling of Kiss Me Again; and the entire Welk orchestra playing Whispering and Alexander's Ragtime Band.

A Lawrence Welk Showcase is not only great entertainment, it represents a colorful cross-section of American popular music today.

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