Monday, April 16, 2007

Plenty of Pete - Coral Records

Plenty of Pete

1963 Coral CRL 757424 Stereo / CRL 57424 Mono

Side One
1. After You've Gone
2. Medley: a. Stardust b. Is It True What They Say About Dixie c. When The Saints Go Marching In d. Dixie
3. Don't Be That Way
4. On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Side Two
1. Just One Of Those Things
2. Stranger On The Shore
3. Jazz Me Blues
4. Blue Skies

Liner Notes:

PLENTY OF PETE represents an exciting collection of Pete Fountain's all-time most-requested numbers ...performed here by Pete and his fabulous jazz group much as they were performed when they originally triggered thundering ovations in night clubs and concert appearances.

The enormous and universal popularity of Dixie-land clarinetist Pete Fountain is unique in almost all the world of jazz. There is an unprecedented scope of popular appeal in the flexibility of his improvisations and the unusual range and richness of tone he achieves.

At Pete's side on these musical milestones in his colorful career - complementing the freshness and originality of his sound with the vast resources of their own skill and imagination - are drummer Jack Sperling; Morty Corb on bass; Godfrey Hirsch, vibes; Bobbie Gibbons, guitar; and John Propst, piano.

PLENTY OF PETE is precisely what the phrase implies. .. and, if you already know what to expect of the fantastic Mr. Fountain, we need say nothing more. If not, we can only say it's an experience you've been missing quite long enough.


D Hanson said...

I just scored this LP today at a used records shop, and it is fantastic! The record has a little bit of wear and tear, but the music is absolutely magnificent. I grew up watching Pete Fountain on the Tonight Show. If I knew he was going to be on, I would stay up and watch. Great memories.

plentyofpete said...

I grew up listening to this exraordinary recording, that was in my Dad`s record collection since it was released in `63. I continue to marvel at it`s sonic beauty,(and even cop some of his licks in my own ham-handed way on licoricestick) I SORELY need a fresh copy of this work (maybe in STEREO this time?) I may prefer his small combo work to the bigger band work, though I BEG to be proven wrong on that point !

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I have the reel to reel version in my possession that I have duped to CD. If you want a copy, E-mail me at Not trying to make money, God's already blessed me there, just cover the shipping, about $1.50 and just share Pete' great music with others.

Walt Henderson said...

I would love to have a CD of the "Plenty of Pete". or