Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pete Fountain Plays Bert Kaempfert - Coral Records

Pete Fountain Plays Bert Kaempfert

1967 Coral Records CRL 757499 Stereo / CRL 57499 Mono

Side One
1. Strangers In The Night (A Theme From The Universal Picture "A Man Could Get Killed")
2. Talk
3. Lady
4. Danke Schoen
5. A Swingin' Safari
6. L-O-V-E

Side Two
1. For Pete's Sake
2. Love For Love
3. Wiederseh'n
4. Have A Ball
5. Spanish Eyes

Liner Notes:

New Orleans is Pete Fountain's stamping ground; Hamburg, Germany, is home base for Bert Kaempfert. Thousands of miles separate them, yet this album shows how closely they are linked by the common denominator of great popular music.

PETE FOUNTAIN PLAYS BERT KAEMPFERT is a natural - the kind of album excitement that makes you wonder why it wasn't done before. For this is a superb blending of unique talents.

Recorded in Europe with musicians from the Bert Kaempfert orchestra, it has the sparkling essence of the Bert Kaempfert "sound." Along with that, there's the Pete Fountain touch - the inspired playing of a towering figure in today's music. Put these talents in unison, and you've got something rare indeed: creative musicality working every memorable moment.

The clarinet, by the way, is another bond between them. Bert learned to play it in addition to the sax, accordion and piano. He can therefore better appreciate Pete's virtuosity on the "stick" - and his desire to salute Pete's mastery of the clarinet inspired a tune specially dedicated to his fellow artist. Its very title, For Pete's Sake, is a measure of his affection and respect for the fabulous Fountain.

A new Pete Fountain album is eagerly awaited by fans everywhere. The songs and "sound" of Bert Kaempfert are a hit parade in themselves. Put the two together and you've got a winner. So stop holding this album; put it in a record player, and get a piece of the action. PETE FOUNTAIN PLAYS BERT KAEMPFERT is wonderful listening.

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