Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Sunsetters - Wyncote Records

The Sunsetters

1964 Wyncote Records SW-9112 Stereo / W-9112 Mono

Side 1
1. Jazz Me Blues
2. Bugle Call Rag
3. South RamparStreet Parade
4. Sensation Rag
5. Yuppa Tuppa - The Sunsetters

Side 2
1. Miss Daisy Delight
2. A Farewell
3. Scherzo
4. Sonata Allegro
5. One Blind Mouse

Sound quality is fair on most of the tracks, yet Yuppa Tuppa sounds very good. A good representation of Pete's early years.

Liner Notes:


Pete Fountain is one of the most fantastic clarinetists to hit the recording scene. Wyncote is proud to present this fine clarinet virtuoso. Pete and the great combo, The Sunsetters, come up with some startling sides that are a must for every Pete Fountain fan.

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