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Blockbustin' Dixie! - Verve Records

Blockbustin' Dixie!

1961 Verve V-1028 Mono

Note, This is a 1961 Reissue of 1957 release Verve MGV 1012 Al Hirt entitled "Swinging Dixie From Dan's Pier 600".

Side 1
1. Washington And Lee Swing
2. I'm Goin' Home
3. Jazz Me Blues
4. Night and Day
5. South Rampart Street Parade
6. Sugar (That Sugar Baby O' Mine)

Side 2
1. Tin Roof Blues
2. Royal Garden Blues
3. Panama
4. Blue (And Broken-Hearted)
5. The Original Dixieland One Step
6. Wolverine Blues

Liner Notes:


Here's Blockbustin' Dixie, in every sense of the word. And it's played by two bearded giants of Dixieland - trumpeter Al Hirt and clarinetist Pete Fountain. It marks the first and only time this fabulous pair of New Orleans sons has appeared together on records. It also marks one of the rare recorded appearances by clarinet wizard Pete Fountain playing tenor sax (you'll be hearing his tenor on Washington and Lee Swing).

AI Hirt is known from coast to coast as the phenomenal trumpeter whose range is apparently limitless, and whose showmanship is legendary. His appearances on The Dinah Shore TV Show and his best-selling records have made him the most sought after trumpeter in Dixieland. His amazing style and technique can be heard to advantage on Night And Day.

Pete Fountain is nearly everyone's favorite clarinet player. His liquid sound and his crisp beard were Dixieland high spots on the Lawrence Welk TV show when Pete was with the band. Listen to his sweet and lowdown style on the classic Tin Roof Blues.

For this once-in-a-lifetime session, Al and Pete surrounded themselves with a cast of hardy New Orleans style sidemen: Bob Havens, trombone; Roy Zimmerman, piano; Bob Coquille, bass; and Paul Edwards, drums.

All of the flash and fire that make Hirt the Big Man on Trumpet and Fountain the Leader on Clarinet come roaring out of New Orleans in a session with pace and excitement and solid swing - truly Blockbustin' Dixie!

Their only Recorded Appearance Together!

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