Monday, May 28, 2007

Broadway To Bourbon Street - Guest Star Records

Broadway To Bourbon Street
The Original New Orleans Sound

1963 Guest Star Records GS 1451 Stereo / G 1451 Mono

Guest Star is a budget record line. Side one features Pete Fountain, side two is Pee Wee Russel and Buck Clayton.

Side One
1. Shine
2. Sidewalks Of New York
3. Hindustan
4. Till We Meet Again

Side Two
1. When The Saints Go Marching In
2. Diamonds And Pearls
3. Dukes Blues

Liner Notes:

Broadway To Bourbon Street, The Original New Orleans Sound

It is seldom that a jazz artist achieves the fame and popularity in the commercial world of music as Pete Fountain has in his rise to fame. Not only has he become a big name, but he is consistent and holds a place on the upper levels of established talent.
Starting in New Orleans, then to the Lawrence Welk Show and from there, a star in his own right. Pete is a great talent and he deserves it all.

We are most fortunate in acquiring these performances of Pete Fountain and doubly so since these are performances from the time he was playing the pure New Orleans jazz.

As you listen, you will hear a tone and quality surpassed by no other artist of equal caliber. A great talent performing great music is our offering to you.

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