Monday, February 25, 2008

Sharkey and His Kings Of Dixieland - Arcadia Records

Sharkey and His Kings Of Dixieland
Featuring Pete Fountain
1955 Arcadia Records 108 (Mono only) 7" 45 Rpm

Side A
1. Baby, Baby (Margie O'Dair - Vocals)

Side B
1. O' Mabel Where Can You Be (Texas Slim - Vocals

Liner Notes:

Sharkey and His Kings Of Dixieland

Margie O'Dair - Vocals
Texas Slim - Vocals
Sharkey Bonano - Trumpet
Pete Fountain - Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone
Armand Hug - Piano
Jack Delaney - Trombone
Dan LeBlanc - Bass
Paul Ferrara - Drums

Early Pete Fountain with Sharkey's Dixieland Band. Pete played off and on with Sharkey's band. In the 1950's, Sharkey's band constantly changed musicians, depending who was available.

The other 45 they did together on Arcadia #107 with "Abbeville Our Abbeville" as the featured song. If you know of any other Arcadia records, or if a 12" or 10" records was ever released on Arcadia, please e-mail me.

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