Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pete Fountain - The Licorice Stick Man - Bravo Records

Pete Fountain "The Licorice Stick Man"

1962 Bravo Records BR 377 Mono 7" EP

Side 1:
1. Jazz Me Blues
2. South Rampart Street Parade

Side 2:
1. Sensation Rag
2. Bugle Call Rag

Liner Notes:

Pete Fountain: clarinet
Tony Almerico: trumpet
Jack Delaney: trombone
Roy Zimmerman: piano
Lester Bouchon: clarinet. tenor saxophone
Frank Frederico: guitar
Joe Lovacano: bass
Johnny Castain: drums

Recorded in 1957

Pete Fountain is the licorice stick man. The licorice stick, as any child well knows, is long, thin and black and full of aroma and flavor. That description also happens to fit Pete's clarinet, the tastiest reed exported from Louisiana since the discovery of cane sugar.

- HERMAN SCHOENFELD, Music Editor of "Variety"

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