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Swingin' Blues - Ranwood Records

Swingin' Blues

1990 Ranwood Records 1002-2

CD Listing
01. Walking The Floor Over You
02. Honky Tonk
03. Georgia
04. Up A Lazy River
05. Closer Walk With Thee
06. Alice Blue Gown
07. Basin Street Blues
08. Running Wild
09. Deep Purple
10. Tin Roof Blues
11. Amazing Grace
12. Jazz Me Blues
13. Muskrat Ramble
14. Marie
15. It Had To Be You

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this CD. It features Pete tooting in the traditional Dixieland style as we have come to love him. There are his signature songs (Just a closer Walk With Thee, Amazing Grace) and some standards (Georgia, It Had to Be You). He really lets go on the traditional Dixieland songs, Muskrat Ramble, Basin Street Blues, Tin Roof Blues and Jazz Me Blues. I liked hearing a tuba (being a tuba player myself). There is some really good guitar playing (although there is no guitar player in the credits, it's either the listed fiddle player Johnny Gimbel or banjo player Les Muscott). The recording quality is excellant. All together, a solid CD that is now on my iPod. - David Mekalian

Liner Notes:

Pete Fountain, clarinet
Mike Genevay, trombone
Charlie Lodice, drums
Oliver Felix, bass
Tom Gekler, trombone
Bill Bachman, trumpet
Ed Firth. tuba
Les Muscott, banjo
Johnny Gimbel, fiddle
Earl Vuiovich, piano
Toni Gekler, trombone
Jimmy Weber. trumpet
Bob Molinelli, piano

Produced by Pete Fountain/Recorded at Studio In The Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana. Recorded analog, mixed and mastered digitally.

Engineers: Bill Evans and Gene Foster
Photography: Mike Terranova
Package Design: Susanne Smolka
Unicorn Publishing Services
Preproduction Coordinator: Georgette Pantello
Management: Benjamin Harrell
Special Thanks: Owen Bradley, Bobby Bradley, Doug Crider and Larry Welk

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