Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras 2010 Report

Mardi Gras Report from Our Very Own Blog Member
John Titsworth, New Orleans LA
Thanks for the Report and Pictures!

This year’s Mardi Gras walk is over. The Half-Fast Walking Club celebrated its 50th anniversary . Even though the weather was sunny, the temperatures were quite chilly if not cold. The walk started off at Commander’s Palace at 7:00 AM as it always does with a temperature of 32 degrees. John Goodman briefly stopped by the courtyard to say “Hi” to his good friend and then quickly left. The walk went off without a hitch.

Throughout the walk when interviewed by the TV cameras, Pete kept his comments short. Pete held his horn in his hand intermittently as he rode the parade route in the band truck, and played only once during a TV interview on St. Charles Ave. The crowds populated the route in abundance. When the HFWC entered Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, Pete dropped out of the parade citing the frigid temperatures. He did show up later at one of the parade’s refreshment stops, Hotel Monteleone, wishing the walkers well as a large cake commemorating the 50th anniversary was cut and consumed.

All in all a great walk and a fitting tribute to one of America’s great musicians.

Pete and John Titsworth sharing a photo toegther.

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