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Pete Fountain and Al Hirt - The Early Years - Music Masters

Pete Fountain and Al Hirt - The Early Years

1970 Music Masters MM GS 1046

Side A: (Pete Fountain)
1. South Rampart Street Parade
2. Jazz Me Blues
3. When The Saints Go Marching In
4. Lonesome Trails
5. Thats A Plenty

Side B: (Al Hirt)
1. Faded Love
2. Orange Blossom Special
3. Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain
4. A Million Miles Away Behind The Door
5. They Call The Wind Maria

Project Co-ordination by Vince J. Rundus
Released by
Music Masters, ltd.
Charlotte, N.C. 28211
Cover art by Terri Lee

Future Sound Marketing Distributors
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I couldn't locate any real information on this LP. Music Masters released another LP billed as a "Pete Fountain TV Special - The Early Years".

Liner Notes:

Music has always been an important part of the American way of life. Almost everybody has a favorite type of music which can mean any number of things to each individual.

One persons favorite music may ease the pain of a lost love, while another person may use his favorite polka band's music to go out dancing and have a good time. Dixieland jazz has always fascinated me because it is so many things to its fans and the musicians who perform it.

In New Orleans you may hear Dixieland Jazz from the extreme settings of a lively Bourbon Street club to a funeral procession. It's amazing virtue is that it is appropriate in almost any setting. Its musicians have proven themselves appropriate in many different settings also.

This album lets you hear two of Dixieland's most commercially successful artists play back to back sets. Pete Fountain's five tunes are from a live performance of traditional standards such as "South Rampart Street Parade" and "When the Saint's Go Marching In". Al Hirt's set includes five studio cuts of some old favorites including Hirt's interpretations of several country classics.

This album will be unique in your record collection as it lets you bring Mardi Gras into your listening room or settle back and relax to Al's trumpet improvizations throughout these time tested standards.

V.J.R. (Vince J. Rundus)

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