Saturday, July 21, 2007

Leblanc Pete Fountain Clarinets Catalog circa 1960s -70s - Memorabilia

Leblanc Pete Fountain Clarinets Catalog

Leblanc Pete Fountain Clarinets Catalog circa 1960s -70s

Original Leblanc Pete Fountain clarinets 4 page catalog from the 1960s-70s. Models in catalog: 1611, 1610, 1607, and 1606.Size: 9 by 12 inches

Liner Notes:

LeBlanc is Pete Fountain
(in the new Pete Fountain Personal Series)

Mr. Leon LeBlanc, the only instrument maker in the world who is a musician knows you'd want a clarinet as marvelously expressive, as beautiful voiced and as magnificently crafted as the LeBlanc Pete Fountain plays.

So in it image, he and the skilled artists of G. LeBlanc, Paris have created the Pete Fountain Personal Clarinet. It is made of choice, vintage, carefully seasoned rare grenadilla wood. It is musically flawless and virtually perfect in intonation. And it possesses a warmth and a cleanness and a clearness of tone that becomes part of you and expresses you as no other clarinet can.

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